Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Community support...NOOOT!

I'm a little peeved...ok alot. I shouldn't let things like this bother me, but I am old fashioned I guess. I have certain expectations of people. One of the things that I firmly believe in is community support. Living on Long Island, people seem to get too wrapped up in the fast pace to remember this. I think that we will all need to get back to thinking this way.

Here is what happened. My son is a senior this year. I design jewelry- specifically bridal jewelry. I am aware that there is a prom fashion show every year for the seniors to participate in. Excitedly, I called to donate my jewelry for the show. I felt like it was my time to be recognized in our community. Everyone has followed my six years of growth and I was proud to show my wares. Well, I got a call yesterday explaining that the PTA has signed on with a local shop that is going to cover everything from head to toe! They were excited! I felt deflated. People don't think. How can you use ONE vendor for everything? Isn't that very short sighted?

Of course, I couldn't be anything but polite because I am not a part of the PTA. But everyone is aware that there are many hardworking people who look forward to these opportunities to share their wares. Oh well. I will now move on. I had to get that off my chest!!!


Erin said...

So Sorry that happened! It did get me thinking though...I know you've been considering doing bridal shows and they can be expensive. The majority of the shows I've done in the past feature a bridal fashion show as well. I'd talk to the show promoter and see if I could get jewelry on some of the models. These models also usually walk around the booth area of the show, when they're not doing the formal runway portion so people can get a close up look which would be a nice way to get your jewelry seen. If the promoter is using one salon exclusively for the head-to-toe, I would start talking to the salon owners. You could see if they'd like to offer your stuff in their shop and they could use your wares for fashion shows. Perhaps a promoter might give you a booth discount the first time around? You never know...:)

LStone said...

Hi Erin,
Thanks for the advice. I will go to the store and see if she is interested in my jewelry. I do this frequently and it is very competitive around here. I get frustrated, but it all comes with the territory! That is why I am trying to connect directly with brides. I'm open to anything though!