Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Maggie the Maltese

Today, I want to introduce you to my babygirl, the love of my life, my sweetpea. She is the only feminine thing in my life. She is my constant companion and she never gives me a hard time like the boys always do. Maggie knits with me, she cooks with me, she makes jewelry with me and occasionally wears it for me! Sometimes, Maggie even does the laundry with me! Most of all, Maggie makes me smile every single time I look at her! Maggie is the cutest Maltese I have ever seen. See why?!!!!

Do any of you stay up at night wondering what you should blog about tomorrow? Am I going nuts? I never realized how consuming this would be! I knew that I was excited to write. I have always loved to write my thoughts down, but this is different. People actually read my thoughts (at least I hope they do!). That requires a different mindset. I keep wondering what people will be interested to know. I know that you will be interested in meeting Maggie, but that can only fly for so long!!!
S0, how do you like?!! I told you she was cute!

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