Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New Interest

I have a child who is going to college next year. I thought I just became a new mommy yesterday. Boy, how time flies. Thankfully, I knew it would go fast so I held on to every moment...and still do.
I am one of those very pensive people. My mind never stops and I am always taking everything in. Lucky for me, it has helped me to gain the insight that I need along the way.

Anyway, I am having a hard transitioning, lately, to mom in the background. Being a mom has always defined me and driven me. Instead, I now find myself being driven by my family! Being the only girl in the family doesn't help my feelings of separation. This weekend, as we drove to the U of Delaware, I came to some realizations. I will search out those things that will make me feel needed!

You see, I have always been crafty, and pretty good at most things that I put my mind to. My tastes have always been very Martha-like. I have always wanted better colors, better quality, more updated, sophisticated looks, etc. This was before Martha Stewart started her empire, which in-turn gave other companies the go-ahead to follow in her footsteps. Now-a-days, there are so many beautiful choices and products that crafting is wonderful. It used to be very flat. Anyway, I used to create things that were as beautiful and modern as I could come up with. The only problem I had was that no one really appreciated my wares. My mom was my cheerleader, but otherwise, I pretty much hid my passions!

It is so exciting to me where knitting has gone! And the materials available for sewing are incredible. Books are written on every subject you can think of! And tv shows have taught me all that I know. The exposure that is available on the web is consuming! The crafting world is at our feet!

To come full circle with this post, I'll explain that I am excited to put my efforts into creating items for babies in the hospital. The families will appreciate my products. It will give me my exposure to babies. And it will fulfill my need to craft. A perfect fit! Hey, that's what I can call my line! A Perfect Fit. I am especially interested in designing preemie wear that is more chic.
I'll keep you all up-to-date.

I want to remind you that this is an extra-curricular activity to my jewelry. I just need an alternative project and knitting is usually it! So please continue to view my jewelry. It is in my heart.



Anne said...

Funny I'm just the opposite! I am thinking about all the time I'll have once the are older. I had a full life before them and was never bored and now many things are on hold. I'm just thinking I'll be so used to time devoted to them that I'll probably have a hard time reverting back like you are.

LStone said...

Anne- I thought I would feel excited to have time to myself, but their independence happens gradually and you find yourself with more and more time as they grow up. Then all of a sudden, you wonder how to stay a part of their lives! It is weird.

Carrie ~ Gigi said...

Yes! Keep us updated about the "Perfect Fit" line for the little ones. That would be exciting news! Now matter what age our children are, they still our in our lives everyday...and still NEVER enough hours to do it all!

Also, thank you for visiting the my new blog Mud Puddle Girl.

what said...

Lovely jewelry!!

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