Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Felted wool

I have a passion for wool. I always have. I've been knitting for 25 years and not a day goes by without it! It is like your morning coffee. Well, last year, I thought I'd try out felting. It was in every magazine and it piqued my interest. Like every good crafter, I went to the thrift shops and started searching. It became a near obsession! I get such a thrill in seeing how the sweater fabric comes out after it has been shrunk! I don't know what it is. I am driven. I love the search for great colors and patterns. I love the fact that I am saving these sweaters from being destroyed. I love the idea that this will be exciting fabric to someone else. And it is fun to get out and have an excuse to shop!

felt scraps
felt scraps 01

I hope that I am able to connect with those of you who have a need for 100% wool felt. There are so many applications. I'm sure you know of someone who uses felt. I cut the sweaters into smaller pieces so that I can offer an array to those of you who need them. I feel good recycling, too. So pass the word and I will keep providing what I can. If you have a need for larger pieces and less color choices, let me know. If you are looking for certain colors, I'll keep that in mind. Have fun with these scraps. There are some really pretty colors to be had! And some really pretty things that you all make with them!

Maggie got in on the fun as well!

Maggie hides a cookie
felt scraps 03

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