Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Is computer time worth it?

It happened again! I was up all night long trying to figure out this whole business thing. I started out with my business being home parties. When I used up every favor that I could pull out of the past, I moved on to trying to sell to boutiques. When that didn't seem to be productive enough, I tried to figure out a niche and I am presently working on bridal jewelry. I am sooo excited about my decision, but with that decision, came delving into the online world of blogging and websites and Flickr and everything else I can possibly think of! It feels like I am in school all over again. I knew nothing to start out with. Now I know next to nothing! I am wondering if this part of my journey is all that it is touted to be. I feel like I am on the computer 24 hours a day, which I actually enjoy, but it feels like I am in high school gabbing with my friends!!! Just like my kids do!!!

I guess that I need to hear some feed back about the successes and failures of networking on line. I have always been very confident about following my instincts and my instincts are very strong that I can connect, eventually, with the brides out there. It is also so much fun surfing the web wedding wise! But the $ is sparse and I need to make this work soon.

If you can take a minute, share your feelings about your experiences. I would love to hear what you all feel about this. Is my time and effort worth putting into networking online? I guess I'll figure it out eventually.


claudine hellmuth said...

to me, time online is very well spent. everything that has happened for my business (including getting on The Martha Stewart Show) has been because of my web site or blog! yay! internet!!

Caitlin @ Clutter Cubed said...

Time online can definitely be well spent, but you have to make sure it's well spent for YOU.

If you really, honestly feel it's time well spent then it is!

However, if you find yourself surfing aimlessly, or feeling bored while surfing, it can be a sign that you're not getting the most out of your time online.

Soapylove said...

Although I feel like my internet use borders on compulsive, I wouldn't have a business at all without it! Exposure is amazing online. People all over the world see you, and then there's all sorts of referrals that happen, too.
Plus your resources are huge online (as you know!).

Carey said...

I would say most of my time is well spent, but I tend to drift and read other things when I *should* be working...but as long as it gets done :)

Annette Piper Dip. Gem. Handcrafted Jewellery said...

I hear you! Its a huge commitment and a steep learning curve.
I am relatively isolated anyway so I spend a lot of time online getting things done, but sometimes I just have to ignore everything on line and actually get some work done!
I've picked up retailers that have seen my site, but jewellery is a tactile thing - people want to try it on, touch it, look closely at it and gauge the quality, so I don't tend to sell frequently online (apart from existing customers who know my work).
But being online it is good for getting your name "out there", for networking and learning and you never know what could be around the corner!

cindy silverstein said...

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for your comments on my blog. All the buttons you saw were on the large side, 1" to 1 3/4". However it is possible to make tiny buttons, if that is what you mean by preemie buttons, similar to some of the ones you saw. Spirals, polka dots, stripes; many designs are possible because of the nature of the process for working with polymer clay. The raised, carved, and stamped designs would probably not work on such a tiny surface. These buttons can be washed on the garment by hand, but cannot be dry cleaned. I would not trust a normal machine washing. I am also a knitter, although as you can emagine my art keeps me very busy. My time has opened up this fall because my only child, Katie, is a freshman in college this year. My email is Let me know more about your interest in the buttons.

I've also recently come to the internet experience for networking. I just started my blog four weeks ago. It's definitely beginning to show some results. Good luck with your website. Now that is something to be proud of. That is my next challenge.

Congratulations on your necklace being featured on the Handmade Wedding Site. It is beautiful.


Erin said...

I too spend WAY more time on the internet than I probably should, but I do feel I have gained from it. My blogs and Flickr provide much enjoyment. The forums I use and visit have given me contacts and support from like-minded individuals and industry peers. The online column I write and the efforts I put into my my website and doing internet PR (emailing press releases etc.) have gotten me some exposure. And most recently the swaps I've done with other creative women have kept me really inspired! I know you asked me about them over at my blog, and here's a directory where you can find them:

Just be time spent at the actual computer, these are also a bit addictive. But at least it results in fun crafty treats in your mailbox!

Julie said...

I've learned so much by surfing the web & indie boards in particular so I'd definitely say it's time well spent. However, that being said, I think some days I do spend too much time looking at "stuff" when I should be designing and drumming up new business. So, personally, I'm starting to wean myself from my on-line time. :-)

Marika said...

Without the internet I would have never started on my creative and hopefully soon productive journey in the land of jewelry artistry. Everything I learned so far was from sources on the internet, be it tips, downloadable tutorials, books that I ordered online, or from online friends. Not much around in Cyprus, where I am living, so yes, for me, spending time online is one of the best things that has happened to me.
I do need though to be focused when I'm online, else I will get in the pitfall of aimlessly browsing and browsing through sites that have nothing constructive to offer me.

LStone said...

You guys have made me feel MUCH better! Thanks. I needed to hear what you unanimously said. Truthfully, I was pretty sure that I felt that way too, but I still needed to check. Thanks for coming over here answer me also. Come back often.