Monday, November 19, 2007

My Fashion Jewelry

Ok. Here we go! I am going to post some pictures of my fashion jewelry because I think that I have really made my bridal jewelry my main focus. I actually have been making fashion jewelry for five years until I added my bridal line and decided that I LOVED making a better class of jewelry to offer the brides.I think the pictures will actually work this time!
And I also have some earrings...actually, I have many earrings, but my website is opening in two weeks and I should leave some reasons for you all to go visit! Here are my favorite ones! I have been in a real earring mode lately and in designing, you go with what moves you!

And here is a bracelet-one I wear every day might I add! It's funny how certain things just catch you attention! It never leaves my wrist. I had no idea when I made it that it would become my favorite. I wear it with another charm bracelet that I made for myself with Amy Peters charms that my children got for me. I chose the "create" and "follow your heart" ones. It is very special to me. I adore her work.

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