Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thank you Aunt Debbie!

So I spent the day taking pictures! And yesterday too. I actually like taking pictures, but in excess of 300 is a little tiring. My sister-in-law did the most amazing thing for me. She lent me her Nikon D40 for a day or two. I have been salivating over her camera since she got it a few weeks ago. The pictures are crystal clear... just amazing. Don't get me wrong! I actually love my camera! It has been a good friend to me, but for the type of close-ups that I need to take of my jewelry, it doesn't always do the job. I know what I expect of it, but it doesn't always come through for me. And I have been feeling sorry for myself.

I am adding the product information into my website and my pictures are telling my story. That is why this issue has become so personal. Thank you Aunt Debbie. You came through in a big way! I am VERY happy with most of what I took. I have come a really long way in this journey of photographing jewelry! I think it is next to impossible to get good pix of jewelry unless you have professional equipment. I have tried every setting in every possible lighting situation! I think that there is no science behind it...just pure luck! And to top it off, I am trying to capture pearl and crystal. Try taking a picture of a clear glass and see how difficult it can be!

Here are some of my bridal favorites:

Stay tuned for my fashion jewelry best pix tomorrow!

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