Thursday, December 27, 2007

Back from the holidays

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas. I visited with special friends that I haven't seen in two years, so mine was wonderful! It was so relaxing and I feel rejuvenated and ready to make jewelry, which is a good thing, because I met with a bride today who ordered all of her accessories and her 7 bridesmaids' jewelry! I love the selections she made and am excited to get started on her order. I just love working with brides! It is so gratifying and sparkly! I'm going to make this style with swarovski crystals of various sizes and shades. It will be beautiful.


So, have any of you got this going on in your homes?! My boys and their friends have been doing marathon Guitar Hero sessions! It really is funny to watch. They are soooo serious and they look like they know what they are doing! My sons have never played the guitar before. Yet they look like pros! I get such a kick out of it!

guitar hero

Maggie is so funny! She stole Colby's cookie. It is almost too big for her mouth and yet she runs around and looks for the best place to hide it, over and over again! It can take her two days until she actually eats it! The big dog, Colby, is such a good sport! Here he is eating. We think it is hillarious that he lays down to eat! He usually has his paws on each side of his bowl. son eats in the same way!!!!

Milkbone Maggie

Too lazy to stand


Anonymous said...

I love Colby. He's so much cuter than Maggie, and the boys for that matter.

Brie said...

what cute puppies!!!

LStone said...

Thanks! My doggies are the best! Especially the little white fluffy one!