Friday, December 7, 2007

Chanukah Menorahs and Traditions

I wanted to wish everyone who celebrates this holiday a Happy Chanukah ! It is already the fourth night! Boy how time flies! This year, I am having a hard time getting in the spirit because it is so early. I like it better when Chanukah and Christmas fall out closer together.

Chanukah is filled with family traditions. I grew up singing our traditional prayers and lighting the most beautiful antique menorah. I love my mom's menorah. My dad bought it for her many, many years ago in an antique shop. When I got married, my parents bought Ira and I a beautiful sterling menorah that is more modern. We have used it every year for 20 years and now my children will grow up remembering lighting it.

My kids are chomping at the bit to open their gifts! When they werE younger, they received a bunch of little gifts each night and it was exciting. Now that they are older, there are much fewer gifts, but the gifts are bigger. They have to wait for the nights that we are getting together with family to open their presents and they are having a hard time being patient! Isn't that just what it is like to be grown up?! It isn't always easy! And so it goes...


fair-etail said...

Do you save the best gift for last on the last day? I'm not Jewish but was just curious. I think we all like the sound of 8 days of gifts!

LStone said...

Well, we sometimes can't wait and give the best present first! There is no rule! This year, we saved it all for one big gift!