Monday, December 3, 2007

Herringbone stitch sweater

Be patient with me as my quest for a website is slowly coming to it's end! I seem to have no time for extras. My time is spent either typing of knitting to unwind. And the rest is laundry and cleaning and loving my boys!

My mother-in-law asked me to knit her a sweatercoat. It is made with a beautiful stitch that we both had never seen and believe me...we have seen a lot of stitches! Between us, we have knit everyday for 60 years (combined I remind you)! We both carry our projects everywhere we go. She was my mentor 25 years ago. I loved what she made and couldn't believe what knitting could actually produce. From the first stitch, I was hooked. Being in college and knitting didn't go well together. Back then, the only cool thing to do was watch Wheel of Fortune and drink. I watched Wheel of Fortune and dreamed of knitting in the open. Only grandmas did that and I was in college. Well, I'm proud to say that I am now out of the knitting closet and proudly knitting on the train, during my son's football games, and everywhere I feel like it! I even make many friends who are interested in what I am doing!

Each sleeve is 27" across and this stitch is a very slow stitch! That's why I call this a labor of love! Until tomorrow!

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Jenknitter said...

I know - tis an early post to be commenting on! But I came across your site while looking at various pics of herringbone stitch. I am tossing up between Herringbone, waffle or a linen stitch, to use for a seat cover on an old desk chair that my partner would love to put in his study. The wool and the stitch looks great in your photos. If I use the herringbone with smallish needles, do you think it would produce a cover that would handle being sat upon for years to come?
Cheers, Jenny