Saturday, December 8, 2007

Jake the wrestling god!

One of the ultimate joys of being the mother of boys is that I get to go to wrestling matches. I mean, who wouldn't want to see 8th graders grabbing each other and throwing the other to the floor as hard as they can? It goes against every grain of the mommy part of me! I have to contain myself from yelling to them to get off of each other and to stop fighting...that someone is going to get hurt. I have to sit on my hands and remember not to be mad at the other kid for grinding my son's face into the mat for as long as he can! Wrestling...I love it! Oh, and they do get hurt. A lot. And by, the way, mother knows best!!!

Jacob is large. He has always been one of the largest in his class, even when he was in pre-school. He only wrestles when there is a match for him on the other team. Today there was. After they took a child away in the ambulance (he broke his wrist), Jake started to limber up and get psyched for his match. He was really uptight. You could see it as he paced. Ira gave him some words of wisdom and off he went. I don't think he won any of his matches last year. It was his first year last year. Jake PINNED the kid! I was screaming like a wild woman! Secretly, I was mostly relieved that he didn't get hurt! Shh, don't tell him! It was amazing to see his feeling of accomplishment! Love you Jake. MWAH!


Christina said...

You certainly have courage to be able to watch other boys try to take yours down! I have 3 boys and I know my day is coming when I will want to jump out of my seat and annihilate some kid trying to hurt my baby. What we mothers have to go through!

LStone said...

Well, we don't really get a choice! We do what we have to do!