Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Can She Make it Work?!!!

Hang in there with me! I am trying like the devil to make this blog design my own! I really enjoy working on this. I am actually very proud of myself because I have taken on this challenge of understanding HTML and CSS with no one to ask any questions of. I have spent many more hours than I should obsessing over this. I have lost much sleep, too. Why can't I get the border to work? And how come the line won't move over a bit? The colors are fun to play with, but I can't make the pictures fit correctly?!! I know that I am one of many, many beginning bloggers who are obsessing, but what the heck? I have gone from "Just let me see if this will work.", to "@#$% it! I can't believe this!". And then to add insult to injury, Blogger can't be contacted to save what I've done!!!

But I'm having fun! And soon, you will see the end result of my obsessive creativity! Check back often to see this work in progress. If it hasn't progressed, I've lost my mind.........!


This beautiful picture of yarn, or something like it, is what I hope to incorporate into my header. We'll see....!

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