Friday, January 18, 2008

Design to Sell? or Design from the Heart?

I probably shouldn't be writing this at this moment. It is late and I am blurry-eyed from being on the computer ALL day. I am feeling at a crossroads and I'm really not sure what to do. When I feel like this, there is no stopping me though...

I guess every designer faces this at one time or another. It is probably inevitable. I am questioning everything about my jewelry. Up until now, I have believed in my instincts. I know what my style is and I know what I expect from my designs. I know what price points I feel comfortable charging and I know what customers I am targeting. Then, along came blogging, Etsy, The Switchboards, and my website, among other things.

All of a sudden, my head is swimming. I haven't had many sales at all. I am spending so much time reading about so many other peoples' successes that I have started to second guess everything that I have worked so hard to figure out for myself. I am beginning to wonder if I should be designing to sell or designing from my heart.

I have always felt very strongly about designing what feels right and good. I have taught myself this wonderful craft of jewelry making. I adore every aspect and every minute of it. This, I am certain of. I have worked hard to find my style. I know what makes me inspired and I have such a wonderful time exploring it. What I don't know is whether I should compromise these things to do what is proven true. Less expensive items sell more. But they are not challenging or inspiring to design. I have felt that what makes my jewelry my own is that it is more intricately designed and created. I love to work detail. That is what I do. I find the balance between intricate and classic. But people don't seem to want to pay for that. At least that is what I see online.

I'm going to sleep on this and see what tomorrow brings.


Christina said...

I'm so sorry you're struggling right now. I've been there, am there... I don't even know anymore... sales are zero, not even one ever from my website. If I were an artist, like you, I would keep creating. You're very passionate about what you do, that's apparent. Don't give up, don't let that fire die. Pray for guidance and break through... Blessings.

msbelle said...

Your pieces are beautiful. The detail involved in what you do make them even more special and personal. For me, I don't always have the time I need to sit down and create what I really see myself making with something. It usually comes out just plain and simple. But there are those times when inspiration bites and you have to go along with it. Struggle is part of the creative process which we all encounter (some of us more than others!!). But it all works out. And it will for you too. :)