Friday, January 4, 2008

The Handcrafted Wedding

What a nice treat this morning to check my emails and see some happy news! Lynn, at The Handcrafted Wedding, included a wonderful write up about L. Stone Designs in her blog! What a nice feeling to see my pictures featured! And she described my company exactly as I am working so hard to be! That tells me that my website depicts exactly what I am trying to convey. Success at last! I finally feel like I am truly headed in the right direction. Now the challenge is to find brides. I have so many ideas and I am sorting through how to accomplish them. If anyone has any ideas, I'm listening!

For the meantime, I plan to do some wedding expos. That is a large step for me because these expos are usually very professional, but I feel really confident that I will find the right market this way. I also feel like I am ready to handle the more professional shows! It is even a little more exciting than scary!!! I am also interested in advertising in some bridal magazines. I have to find some that are in between Martha Stewart Weddings and the dinky little local ads. I also want to do some local newspaper articles.

Please check out
Lynn is doing a wonderful service for indie designers and I would like to support her back!

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