Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Designs for spring

Well, it felt like spring today- I think we broke some records here on Long Island! It was almost 70 degrees in the middle of January! I was in such a spring mood that I took out my camera to capture the gerbera daisies that my darling hubby gave me the other day when it was 23 degrees out! I wonder if he knows that this is my most favorite color in the world! Come to think of it, I just built a website and blog around it! This fuchsia just makes me smile :) ! And I fell in love with the pictures I took of them, too. Isn't it funny how you can try so hard to take a picture and it doesn't meet your expectations, and then you just snap a picture in your kitchen and it can look like it was taken at a beautiful garden?!!

Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera Daisy03

Gerbera Daisy02

I have been working on a new line of jewelry for the spring. I just love how gold and silver look together and have been having a lot of fun combining them in unexpected ways! I really like the graphic look that I have come up with. Working with wire is my first love. It is so satisfying to me to take a straight line and form it into whatever shape I want. I also feel the need to create my own findings lately. I want my pieces to be my own design whenever possible. I'll give you a peek at what I have been working on.

Valerie01 - E492

Brittany - E491


Christina said...

Beautiful pictures of the daisies... you're sooooo multi-talented! Who knew? Ha! Ha! Makes me long for warmer days when I can kick the boys outside to play... :)

LStone said...

I LOVE taking pictures! It is such an important part of what I do, so they go together!

donnapoet said...