Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Special Treat for Me!

So I purchased a special treat for myself the other day and I wanted to tell you all about it! I know that all you other indie people out there don't want to hear this, myself included, but I try very hard not to spend all my money on buying all the great handmade stuff out there. I would go broke if I bought everything I loved! I appreciate handmade items. I love handmade items. As a matter of fact, I am rarely interested in anything in the stores anymore because they are machine made and have no "soul". I have said it before, but I am all about the soul.

Back to my story. I bought myself an apron! It felt so domestic!I've never had one before and I fell in love with a green paisley fabric so I had to have it! And the maker of this apron isn't bad herself! Check out her work. Christina is a wonderful, conscientious, business girl who aims to please. And her stitches are perfect. I even found her signature on the back, which makes it feel even more special! The only downfall to having such a wonderful apron is that I get all upset if something gets it dirty!!! Please check out her website at

This is a picture of an apron in one of Christina's other amazing materials. Thanks!

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Christina said...

I'm speechless... thank you so much. Enjoy your apron, it was made with much love.