Friday, January 11, 2008

Why we knit

Well, Josh passed his road test. I can't believe I have a son who drives. It just can't be happening. But it is, and so on we go. Please keep him safe.

I have been knitting a blanket for him for two years now. This is a very special blanket. I began planning it two years ago so that it would be ready for next September. It is Josh's "college blankie". I know I've mentioned it before. I've even shown a square or two. It has sentimental meaning to me because, besides the obvious, I have some very emotional memories that are connected with it. When I began testing out patterns, my knitting buddy went into the hospital for a knee replacement. She was actually my buddy in all aspects of life. Momma was my husband's grandmother and she was the most special person I have ever known. We were together many days a week and she was a part of everything I did. Joshua was her pride and joy. No two people could be closer or more in love. Josh was the first grandchild of the now 6. He had a special place in her heart and everyone knew that. Thank goodness he was old enough to know that till this day.

When Momma went in for her surgery, I came in with 3 or 4 different ideas for the blanket. I stayed with her and knit by her bedside for a week as she healed. I would make one square, decide that it wasn't just right, and rip it out. She made fun of my quest for the perfect blanket idea! On the night of Valentines Day, the doctors told her that she needed a pacemaker. Momma was 83. She was very upset, but we told her how lucky she was to have a new heart at that age! She was the youngest 83 year old I had ever met! As she slept, the snow fell outside. It piled to 1 foot. Inside, we snuggled and the perfect pattern settled into my head, my heart, and my hands.

The next morning, she went in for a 15 minute "procedure" and then she was gone. I have never told anyone this, but every stitch of that blanket is a part of her to me. And what makes it even more special is that it is made for Josh. Maybe I will tell Josh this story someday. For right now, it is his college blankie.

I wanted to say that the reason I needed to share this very personal story is that it represents the essence of knitting. This story has come full circle as I am almost finished assembling the squares. It feels melancholy.

Josh's blankie

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