Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wrestling is Over!

I am so relieved. We (and by "we" I mean "me") made it through the season. I try to be strong. I really do. But someone, sometimes, more than one, gets hurt. Sometimes they get very hurt. I've seen too much. Well I thought I did, until yesterday. One of Jake's teammates got hit on the back of his head, stood up and fainted to the mat. These are 8th graders. They are babies still. It is hard to watch. The boy was sick to his stomach when he woke up and the coaches took a long time until they let him get up. Fifteen minutes went by. I was having a fit that they didn't call the ambulance. My instincts were screaming to have him checked out.

They had him sit for awhile , and then he kept falling asleep and not remembering things. HELLOOOO!. It was hard to not take matters into my own hands. His mother was there and trying to stay very calm, but come on. They eventually called the EMS which took another 15 or 20 minutes to get there. I was nauseous by the end of the event.

I still haven't found out any information. I'm sure he is fine. It was probably a concussion, but my message is to act on the side of caution with your kids. The last casualty was a compound fracture and the boys parents weren't there or available by phone. I know we are all busy, but be there for your kids. They need us.

I'm done with my rant. WRESTLING IS DONE!!!!!!

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