Monday, February 11, 2008

Hawaii bound!

Wow! I have been soooo busy that I haven't been able to keep up with everything! I have had a few bridal orders (YAY!). And some V'day orders (not enough). We had a HUGE Super Bowl party. YAY Giants!!! My boys were happy campers as were my 50 guests. Lots of cooking was done and LOTS of cleaning, too! But it was fun and the company was wonderful.

We have actually been preparing for a trip to Hawaii! I can't believe I am saying that! I am sooooooo excited! It has always been a dream of mine to see Hawaii and my husband and I are going to celebrate our 20th anniversary there! I'll have lots to talk about when I get home!

Until then....!

Monday, February 4, 2008

A Day With Clay Aiken - Spamalot

Ok. So I am about to admit to something that I have actually kept very quiet for years! I haven’t told many people this, but today, I’m screaming it from the rooftops! Well, not really, but I had fun with it! Here it goes… I am a Clay Aiken fan. Whew, I said it. I am not one of those fan girly ones that follow him around ( not that there is anything wrong with that!), but I am actually very private about it except to my kids and my husband. My husband usually laughs at me when I tell him things I’ve read at the message boards. I guess I would too, if the tables were turned.

Anyway, my hubby was wonderful and bought us tickets to see him in Spamalot on Broadway! Today was the day! We were in the second row and I couldn’t believe how incredible it was! I haven’t stopped smiling yet! It was weird to actually be able to hear his incredible talent up close like that. And those eyes……..I believe that he looked right into my eyes a few times! I blushed ;) . Seriously, it was the most fun I have had in a very long time. The play was outrageously funny. Every one of the actors made me laugh hysterically. What was so funny, though, was that a lot of Clay’s humor was extra funny to the people who ‘know” him and what he is all about! He works so hard to be “family friendly” and in the play, he soils his pants, chases after hot women, and curses! This is certainly not what we have ever seen from Clay! He pulls it off in such a funny way! Clay is actually a very funny performer with a very dry sense of humor. Most people don’t know that about him. I have seen so many You Tube clips of his concerts and he cracks me up! But The Voice. That is why I love him, Well maybe The Eyes, too! I fell in love with his voice from the first note I ever heard. I haven’t ever been affected that way before by a performer. To this day, I can’t get enough of his voice. I hope he finally finds a successful partnership in the music business so that he can put together an album that lives up to his capabilities.

And to make things more exciting, Ira saw Tyra Banks and her mom being escorted right past us to go backstage! I saw them and didn’t even realize it was her. I still haven’t stopped kicking myself! She walked right past me. I would have loved to have seen her. I love Tyra. She and Clay are friends.

Clay's autograph!

When we went outside to the stage door, I entered the crowd of people waiting for pictures and autographs. I didn’t think I would get one, because there were so many people there. Clay didn’t stay outside too long because he wanted to get back to Tyra. He was really rushed and didn’t talk or take pictures, but a dear woman named Linda, who was standing next to me, took my Playbill and reached over everyone and Clay signed it! I thanked her profusely and she said to do something nice for someone else. I told her that I was the right person to say that to, because that is how I live my life. What she did for me was my karma coming back to me. As the crowd dispersed, I noticed a teenage girl crying. Her mother was talking to her and hugging her. I found myself walking over to her to see if she had gotten an autograph. I thought she hadn’t and I was going to give her mine. Luckily for us both, she had gotten one. She was crying from happiness. Her mom thanked me for my kindness, as did she. As I walked away, I thought to myself that it’s funny. I wanted the autograph so much, but this girl’s reaction made me want her to have it. I’m grateful that there was enough to go around. But I am also grateful that my first thought is still to have compassion for others.

Clay's autograph02!

It was a good day.

Friday, February 1, 2008

No snow for LI

WOW! It is absolutely pouring out! Once again, my boys are asking why it is not snowing. They love the snow, but for the past few years, it hasn't really been very snowy on Long Island. A few years before, it snowed endlessly! I have pictures of the boys as little ones in the snow up to their waists! I remember one time when Ira dug a hole in the yard and inserted on of the kids in the hole! The snow was up to his ears!!! We don't usually get that much either, but for a few years in a row, we did.

On the third year of shoveling our pretty large driveway, Ira finally had enough. He gave in and purchased a monster of a snowblower. He even purchased a vinyl hood that protects the user from all the snow. Believe me when I say it looked silly! But then something happened. It stopped snowing. The joke has been that it is all Ira's fault! He takes the blame. "Sorry" to the children all over Long Island. "He's sorry that you have no snow days from school. Sorry that you have no sledding and hot chocolate runs. Sorry for no catching the flakes on your tongue and not making angels in the snow. Ira says he's sorry.

There's talk that we might have to break the darn thing! This is from the news the other day!

'08 no snow