Friday, February 1, 2008

No snow for LI

WOW! It is absolutely pouring out! Once again, my boys are asking why it is not snowing. They love the snow, but for the past few years, it hasn't really been very snowy on Long Island. A few years before, it snowed endlessly! I have pictures of the boys as little ones in the snow up to their waists! I remember one time when Ira dug a hole in the yard and inserted on of the kids in the hole! The snow was up to his ears!!! We don't usually get that much either, but for a few years in a row, we did.

On the third year of shoveling our pretty large driveway, Ira finally had enough. He gave in and purchased a monster of a snowblower. He even purchased a vinyl hood that protects the user from all the snow. Believe me when I say it looked silly! But then something happened. It stopped snowing. The joke has been that it is all Ira's fault! He takes the blame. "Sorry" to the children all over Long Island. "He's sorry that you have no snow days from school. Sorry that you have no sledding and hot chocolate runs. Sorry for no catching the flakes on your tongue and not making angels in the snow. Ira says he's sorry.

There's talk that we might have to break the darn thing! This is from the news the other day!

'08 no snow

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