Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Jewelry Ideas

I have some fun spring jewelry that is just sitting on a shelf in my studio. They want an owner. They are calling out to someone "Take me home! I need to get out of here and see some sunlight!" I guess I am in need of a home party or something. I haven't had enough business lately and I don't allow myself to make more jewelry unless I sell some jewelry. Tell your friends because my fingers are itching!

This first piece is cool. I was at Home Depot and saw some cable. I unwound it, glued some pretty pearls along the length, and attached sterling crimps and clasps. It is a really neat look!

I REALLY love gold and silver together. I also really enjoy the look of quartz and antiqued silver. Here is a favorite look.

This pretty necklace has three rose quartz beauties and a nice size chain. The look is screaming spring.

These pieces, and much more, can be purchased at my website here.

I am going to the Whole Bead Show tomorrow. I am actually excited because I haven't bought beads in quite awhile. I really needed to use up some of what I have and besides, I have also been working on my bridal jewelry a lot more. Another reason that I am anxious to go is that I have been having problems with the quality of the stones that my usual resources in Manhattan are providing. It is very frustrating. I used to rely solely on my trips to the Fashion District. I barely buy from them any more. The beads are scratched and broken and just thrown around. I will not provide my costumers with that quality material. It is surprising that there are not more bead shows in NYC. This is the only show that comes and it is here twice a year. So you get what you can get when you can get it!

I'll bring my camera, but they are sometimes funny about taking pictures, so we'll see what happens!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Brioche Stitch and Tiny Needles

Hi! I hope you all had a nice Easter. My holiday is next month. It is weird when they fall out so far apart.

Since going on my vacation and them being in bed for all that time with my back problems, I have knitted quite a few preemie hats! They are great travel projects because they are so small. I also made a great find as far as knitting small things in the round is concerned! I don't know if you all knew about these, but there are double pointed needles that are 5"s long! I bought a set of them in the size I wanted (size 5) and they are perfect for socks and baby hats! I am going to purchase a few other sizes from as soon as I can. Talk about small projects that are easy to carry around!

I wanted to try some new stitches out on these hats. I gave the brioche stitch from Weekend Knitting, by Melanie Falick, a whirl and here is what I came up with:

Preemie hat04

Preemie hat05

I just love how the stitch highlights the two colors. This is a bit of an advanced stitch, so don't get too frustrated if you have trouble with it. I have been knitting for 20 years, and it gave me a bit of trouble. It is worth figuring out though...I think so at least!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Some of my collections.

My honey bought me these wire pieces yesterday and I thought that it was so nice of him. I just love wire baskets and things. Vintage pieces are great too. I have a nice collection of them. These are from Home Depot Expo in case anyone wants them, too. Anyone who knows me knows that I don't buy myself things very often. That is why it was so meaningful for him to surprise me with them. It's those little things in life that make me happy :D !!

Wire caddy

Wire trivet

While I was taking the pictures to share with you, I thought of making a theme for Fridays of "Things that make me happy!" I found myself walking around the house snapping photos of the different things that I have collected over the years. I am a collector of sorts. I like things that are vintage, like architectural salvage. I am drawn to things that had a previous life as something else. I collect crystal door knobs and white pottery. I LOVE things that have letters or words on them. I also love things such as old shutters and metal tins. I'll elaborate more each week. Here are a few letters and words that I have gathered.




This week, I wanted to share a cool collection I recently thought of having. As you know, we went to Hawaii a few weeks ago. One of the exciting activities that we planned to do was to visit many different beaches. We read beforehand that there were various beaches that each had different colored sands. I bottled samples from each beach and it is so pretty to see. This picture shows sand from a black sand beach - the sand was created from lava, a red sand beach - the sand was also created from lava. We went to a green sand beach - olivine is responsible for the green sand. We also saw beige sand beaches. I just love the memories that it brings back! I highly recommend this!

Sand collection

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A New Line of Jewelry!!!

Ever since I was in grade school, I have gotten a child-like excitement when I see the first Robins of spring! Here on Long Island, we were taught that this was the first sign of spring. Guess what? I saw a group of three Robins today! Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera so I don't have a picture to share. Bear with me. I'm just getting back into the swing of things! I'll get my camera out and tote it around again.

Speaking of cameras...awhile back, I blogged about borrowing my sister-in-law's Nikon D40. I fell in love with it and then the day was over and I had to return it. My husband surprised me with one for Chanukah, but it was on back order. Luckily, we got it the day before we left for Hawaii. I actually learned how to use it on our trip! It is amazing. I am so thrilled with it. I will have to get a light box and start replacing some of my pictures of my jewelry little by little. I am so sure that they will come out beautifully. Thank you hunny for a much loved gift!

The wheels are spinning for a new line of jewelry. Before I left on my vacation, I made myself a pair of earrings (one of the perks of being a jewelry designer!). I was really pleased with how they came out and have been thinking about expanding on the theme. I have always loved silver and gold together, as well as hammered metal and antiqued metal. This line will pull all of these elements together. I think that it looks sophisticated and hip. Tell me what you think.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Back to Work

I'm finally back to work! I was so excited to go into my studio. It feels like home to me! I am so relieved to be able to stand and sit after being in bed for 2 1/2 weeks. It really got to me. I was able to knit at least! My collection of preemie hats has really grown. Now I feel like I can go in with a bunch! I think they will look so adorable on those tiny ones!If anyone wants to make them and send them to me, I'll get them where they belong.

I am so anxious for spring to get here. Turning the clocks ahead is a great feeling. I am so happy to have more sunlight in my day. I can see the buds almost ready to break open! I look for these things. Really, the birds are what I long for. Their songs make me feel happy.

My wonderful husband bought my hyacinths while I was stuck in bed. Nothing smells better! I'll take pictures tomorrow so you can share in the spring kind of mood that I am in!

Saturday, March 8, 2008


Hi guys!

I'm so glad to say that I am actually able to sit! I have had such an awful four weeks. I mean, who goes to Hawaii and can't wait to get home? I really loved my trip, but unfortunately, I was in a lot of pain and couldn't relax and take it all in. I do have some really special memories though such as snorkling with the sea turtles and unbelievablely beautiful fish.

We also saw whales galore! It was so breathtaking that it brought tears to my eyes! We took a boat out to see them and they were everywhere! We were so close to them! A dolphin even joined in for some fun splashing us over and over again with her tail! I wanted nature. I got nature.

Hawaii '08 252

Hawaii '08 240

It was funny. As we toured the different beaches, we couldn't believe how tremendous and powerful the waves were until we visited the next one! Even the famous pipeline, where all the surfers go, was closed due to rough seas! It was mesmerizing. We visited black sand beaches, green sand beaches, red sand beaches, and white sand beaches. Each of them was more beautiful than the last. (Don't tell anyone, but I took home samples from each and they are so wonderful. Your not supposed to.) Shh....

Hawaii '08 075

Hawaii '08 085

I also pressed flowers everywhere I went! I carried a book with me and just stuck them in! I'm thinking creatively always!

We visited three Islands in two weeks. This was a lot of flying! And anyone who knows me, knows I don't like to fly. I'm proud to say, though, that 7 flights later, I am now over it! I could fly a plane myself if I needed to!

We also did some outrageous roads. And anyone who knows me, knows I don't like to be on the edge! We drove the road to Hana. This was probably my most favorite day. Pure beauty. But the road is treacherous. And true to form, my darling husband had us drive back at night! If I made it through that, I could make it through anything! And then there was the road to Haleakala. We drove up a volcano to 10,000ft. above sea level. Those are just numbers until you actually start climbing! Treacherous road #2! And again, we watched the sunset and then drove down! Really, it was an amazing event. We happen to be there to see a lunar eclipse. It was awe inspiring. I, of course was altitude sick and having incredible back pain. It was the 20th step that did me in! Thank goodness, pictures tell a thousand words. Here are pictures of the sun setting from over the clouds. We were way above the cloud line.

Hawaii '08 281

Hawaii '08 328

The other major event was Volcano National Park. By now, I wasn't very able to get around so the boys did much of the helicopter riding, lava flowing, crater hiking stuff without me. I was in bed at the bed and breakfast worrying how I was going to make it through three plane rides home. Somehow, I got home. And the rest was history.

Hawaii '08 475

Hawaii '08 451

Hawaii '08 464
I am so incredibly grateful for my husband's persistent planning and incredible insight of this trip. He worked so hard to make sure we knew all the best things to do down to the minutest detail. I love him for that and more!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Not Back Yet....

Just a quick note. I didn't forget my friends out there, although I'm worried you all forgot about me! Unfortunately, during my dream vacation to Hawaii, I developed excruciating back problems and have not been able to focus on much. I am looking forward to getting this problem under control and getting back to my normal routine. My vacation was wonderful and I will post the most beautiful pictures as soon as I am up to it. I hope to talk to you soon.