Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Jewelry Ideas

I have some fun spring jewelry that is just sitting on a shelf in my studio. They want an owner. They are calling out to someone "Take me home! I need to get out of here and see some sunlight!" I guess I am in need of a home party or something. I haven't had enough business lately and I don't allow myself to make more jewelry unless I sell some jewelry. Tell your friends because my fingers are itching!

This first piece is cool. I was at Home Depot and saw some cable. I unwound it, glued some pretty pearls along the length, and attached sterling crimps and clasps. It is a really neat look!

I REALLY love gold and silver together. I also really enjoy the look of quartz and antiqued silver. Here is a favorite look.

This pretty necklace has three rose quartz beauties and a nice size chain. The look is screaming spring.

These pieces, and much more, can be purchased at my website here.

I am going to the Whole Bead Show tomorrow. I am actually excited because I haven't bought beads in quite awhile. I really needed to use up some of what I have and besides, I have also been working on my bridal jewelry a lot more. Another reason that I am anxious to go is that I have been having problems with the quality of the stones that my usual resources in Manhattan are providing. It is very frustrating. I used to rely solely on my trips to the Fashion District. I barely buy from them any more. The beads are scratched and broken and just thrown around. I will not provide my costumers with that quality material. It is surprising that there are not more bead shows in NYC. This is the only show that comes and it is here twice a year. So you get what you can get when you can get it!

I'll bring my camera, but they are sometimes funny about taking pictures, so we'll see what happens!

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