Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Barron Is Doing Well!

In case you all were wondering how my new doggie is doing, I thought I'd give you an update! All is well in Barron world! He is actually so comfortable already, that I have to go look for him! He seems like he has been here forever. The other dogs have taken him in as well. Colby even shared his favorite toy.

Barren and Colby's toy

I wonder if Colby realizes how much his toy looks like him?!!! He actually stole it from my son when we first adopted Colby two years ago. It was so cute to see him running around with an exact copy of himself!


Anyway, I wanted to stress how amazing it is to adopt pets that need a home. Two out of our three dogs are adopted and I can't tell you how incredible it feels to see how happy they are and how much we love them. And adopting a dog that is a few years old is the easiest thing you could do. They came here already trained in every way. All they want is love and security.


Candace said...

How sweet! I would love to have Greyhounds, but we just don't have the room for them to run outside and I wouldn't have the time to take them for walks, like they would need. Glad to hear Barron has settled in well. Colby is just adorable!

Lisa Stone said...

Greyhounds are beautiful, but they do need to move. Have you seen my little Maggie? She is my "little girl"! I love her to bits! Check out my other blog Knot Just Pearls. I just posted a picture there!