Monday, May 19, 2008

Another Blogging Format!

Yes, I changed my blog again! I hated the other look and just never put the time into fixing it. I am happy to report, though, that I am much more comfortable with this look, after I get a banner made and I spiff it up a bit!

I am planning on working on my ETSY shop this week, too. I have to get pictures taken with backgrounds that I think look good together. Then I will start adding my new line of Czech glass and brass jewelry made from beads such as the ones above. I am actually very excited to see if I can make my way with this thing called ETSY. I see so many people who are successfully selling their wares. I think that I have a good product at a good price point for this venue.

I plan on continuing to sell my bridal jewelry through boutiques and my website, and my fashion jewelry through ETSY and my website. But my main focus for ETSY will be my brass collection. That is my plan for now. If I can get a following going, I might even open a separate shop just for my fashion jewelry. I have such an abundance of really pretty sterling and semi-precious pieces that haven't been sold, that I feel guilty about them. That's another story though. And the amount of beads I have accumulated! Maybe I'll have to open a shop for materials, too! Actually, I have always been very careful about my purchases. I have kept a lid on spending, but it still accumulates over time! This could be my workshop!

Well, I plan on being more diligent about posting here. I have two blogs and Flickr to keep up with and it sometimes feel like I don't have enough to say! Or pictures to post! Have a good one!

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