Friday, July 24, 2009

Wilton The Rabbit!

Wilton 7-22-09

My kids named him Wilton. There is a significance to that name. It wasn't just pulled out of the air. A long time ago, when my 18 year old was in elementary school, he wrote a story about a raindrop. He named him Wilton. Since then, there has been Wilton the inchworm and now Wilton the bunny. And so it goes... I thought he looked like an Abbey! I guess I was wrong!

Wilton was in the street and couldn't hop up on the curb to join his sibling. We don't know where mommy is. The boys left Wilton for a few hours and came back to check on him, but he was alone and lonely.

They were supposed to be umpiring a baseball game, but I wasn't surprised when they came bounding in the door, full of glee, like little third grade boys. They had the cutest little bundle I have ever seen. I have to say. Pictures can't even capture the cute factor!


Everyone kicked in getting a cage and water and rabbit food and hay. We made him a little home and called the vet to find out the details. Baby rabbits are very fragile, but if they make it, they are fine to keep. If we want, we can let him go in a few weeks and he'll be fine to adjust back into nature. There are no diseases to worry about and the boys saved his life by bringing him home. The vet doesn't think the mom was coming back. Whew!

We have spent countless hours staring and checking on him. He ate all of his carrot shavings and spilled his water twice. It is priceless the amount of joy this experience has brought us. I hope he makes it. We are already in love...

Wilton 7-22-09 - 07


Candace said...

How precious is that! What a sweet thing your boys did for the tiny guy. Do yo think your set it free or just keep him?

Lisa Stone said...

My boys are so wonderful. And yes, we will definitely let him free when he is big enough. A few weeks should do it. He is precious.