Friday, August 21, 2009

25% Off Discount

Not to toot my own horn, but I just wanted to share another customer's note about my cookies. I've been happily filling a bunch of orders these past few weeks and this particular customer from Australia was sending a basket of cookies as a birthday surprise to her friend in the States. What a nice, cheerful woman! Thanks for your good wishes, Donna.

Picnik collage

Hi Lisa,
I just wanted to let you the cookies arrived to my friend and she was thrilled! She said they were packed beautifully and tasted even better! I'm sooo envious :P She has kept your card/details for future purchases.

Thanks so much for helping me spoil a friend on her birthday.

happy days,

She also wrote,

"Fabulous! It was a great birthday surprise for my friend. They arrived on time and she said they were presented beautifully. Were they delicious? Oh yes, nom nom nomnom! Thank you so much!"

I wanted to let you know that I will begin a series of giveaways leading in to the holidays. I don't know how many "regular" readers I actually have, but it would be really fun if I could start having more of a following! Hint Hint! So what better way to attract some friends than with some cookies?!

Right now, I am offering a 25% discount to be applied to your next order when you refer a new customer to The Cookie Jar. Just have your new customer mention the you, the referring customer's name, when they place their order. I will be having this promotion for a few weeks, so if you are thinking of ordering, make sure to take advantage of my offer and help me build a customer base at the same time! It's a yummy win/win!

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