Thursday, August 20, 2009

Band Aids!

I have been studying every bit of info and technique that I can get my hands on. Truly, I've been obsessed! My poor husband has been cookied to death! And although my children don't mind all of the taste tests, they can't stand hearing about cookies anymore! And I can't get enough of it!

I am at the point in this learning curve, that I think I kind of know what I am doing. I have not mastered the techniques, by any means, but I feel comfortable with the products, recipes and storage/wrapping. I can go from beginning to end without having to think - which shows me that I am confident with what I am doing. I like to describe hand crafting as "it flows from my fingertips". I feel as if it is a part of my fingers when I am creating something comfortably. It is a freeing feeling when you don't have to think and you just do.

Now I am searching for a personal style. I find this to be the hardest part of being a creator. And also the most frustrating. With the ability to connect with so many other artists, it is so easy to be influenced by their work. The real test is to come up with your own look. With my jewelry, it took me a few years to know what my own style was. And then, your style morphs with the trends. It can all be very intimidating. As an artist, you don't want to be imitating another's work, but sometimes, I find myself thinking, "There are just so many ways to ice a cookie! Or twist a wire!" So that is my quest. What kind of cookie style am I after? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

I know what I am thinking. I tend to love elegant styles. I just gravitate towards that. I love simple, but elegant. But bright and cheerful and fun sounds great too! And with those thoughts, I present to you my second cookie! It's a BIG one!

Band Aid Cookie

bandaid cookie


Anonymous said...
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donnapoet said...

I am glad to learn what you taught me

Candace said...

What a great cookie! I don't think my hubby would ever get tired of test tasting them!

SugarBelle's said...

WAY COOL cookie. And you this was perfectly written. Couldn't have said it better myself. I am just barely finding my style. I had to make lots of mistakes to do it, but I think I am getting a signature look. I have decided I like royal and sanding sugar and that's about it. I am obsessed with mini's. I try to always have a color pallete. I prefer those cookies. And as much as I love simple and to the point cookies, I am just a detail junkie. My virgo-ness won't let me stop at good enough, LOL. I think your style is simple and elegant. I still remember some of the first cookies you did. White letters with the aqua and black dots. I made a jack'o'lantern like that once. I thought that look was so pretty!