Monday, August 17, 2009

Customer Appreciation

I just wanted to share a nice note that one of my customers sent my way today. It is special to know that people appreciate what I love to do! She is referring to an order of blueberry and of peach hand pies.

"I got them on Thursday - they were beautiful! Too pretty to eat - but then I ate one and thought they should be outlawed!!! WOW! I have one left - of the entire order!! I had a family gathering on Saturday (perfect timing by the way) and all but one was inhaled! I wanted so badly to take credit for them, but I didn' are a wonderful cook!! You can rest assured I will be ordering from you again! Sincerely, Susan"


Since pie season is on it's way, I have been playing around with some ideas for delicious flavors. We always go apple picking, so apples will be aplenty! I, personally, love to mix fruits. Are there any combinations that you particularly like? I'm always open to suggestions! As a matter of fact, I just filled an order for pumpkin pie - bite sized! They are delish as delish can be! And so cute as well!

Anyway, as the holiday season approaches, make sure to get your orders in so that I can bake you your favorite flavors! Keep in mind that you can order a variety of flavors and that is a unique and tasty gift to bring with you as a guest. Just saying!


Candace said...

Wow, how nice is that!? Truely does make it all worth while. :)

jennifer said...

i haven't visited in so long! look at you go! be proud. your cookies LOOK amazing and sound divine. hope you are enjoying your new/old passion. happy baking.