Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I Found Me Some CakeLove!


The other day, as I watched tv, I caught a view of a baker in his kitchen. What was so unusual about this moment was that I usually have the tv on, but I never watch the commercials...ever. They just annoy me. For some reason, I hadn't looked away yet, and I caught sight of a man named Warren Brown. The message was about small businesses and the support that American Express is going to give them in rebuilding our economic future. I was glued to the commercial.

Quite a few years ago, in the beginning of my quest to "find my passion", I saw a biography about this wonderful, energetic young man. He was a successful lawyer, but was feeling the need to follow a different path. He was seeking what he called "a third dimension" to be added to his life's work. That dimension turned out to be the same yearning that I had. Connecting to others through the act of creativity is a powerful feeling, and one that I was slowly discovering myself.

I felt connected to this man. Finally, I found someone who knew what I felt inside. It validated my quest while all everyone around me kept telling me to do was to stop thinking so much. Easy for them to say. I still had this gnawing feeling that would not go away.

Mr. Brown baked because it felt right. He baked because his mind, his body, and his soul told him to. And he was smart enough to follow his instincts. Even his company's name exudes his attitude for life and baking...CakeLove. I fell in love with one of his quotes: "...that’s the whole idea with baking: finding harmony between the ingredients, the equipment and the baker." Having had a great background in music, I totally get what he means. It really is my motto of life!

He has a new book out that I will be purchasing immediately. I promise that you will love his story. Look for him on his commercial and then go back on line and read more about him. You won't be sorry. He is what "feel good stories" are all about.

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SugarBelle's said...

Wow, I know this feeling too. When I found what I loved, I found me...I love this post!