Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm In A Reflective Mood

I have been on the go recently and haven't had so much time for thinking {this is a very good thing for me!} other than to strategize about my baking. Last night, I came across a travel journal that I kept on my last few trips and I sat quietly to remember the wonderful, amazing moments that I have experienced with my family. It has been loud lately, with boys galore, and I found this to be quite calming. I have been blessed in so many ways and this journal brought me back to center.

I tend to be a very concise person. I plan. And if my plan gets changed around, I can get a bit flustered. I married a man who does not believe in making a plan. I do love that about him, because I grew up with the strictest of plans laid and it{usually} feels good to throw that to the wind. Reading back through these journals, I was able to recapture the magic of discovery and spontaneity that my husband has brought to our experiences. We have had the most wonderful times and my children have be gifted with his need to explore and experience. I am the careful one and he is the fun one and I am so very grateful that we have balanced out our childrens' upbringing in such a special way.

In the past 6 years, we have been first to Spain, then to Israel, and then to Hawaii. Who could ask for more? We have my parents to thank for the first two. It was their gifts to my children for their Bar Mitzvahs. Our memories are beyond the stars. And Hawaii {click for post} was a last minute decision of my husband's to celebrate our 20th Anniversary. We were forever changed by these trips. Each and every one of them. Thank you my honey, for all of you that you have shared with us!

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SugarBelle's said...

Hee and my hubby are the opposite. He likes the plan and I like to wing it. Makes him CRAZY! The trips sound AMAZING!