Thursday, August 13, 2009

In Continuing With My Reflective Mood!

I was just over at Apples For Poppy Anne, a most beautiful blog written straight from Erin's heart, and I find myself in the same reflective mood. Her most current entry is written about her dear grandmother who has passed away and how she sees signs of her presence through nature.

When I met my husband, 28 years ago, I was blessed to meet a wonderful woman who quickly became a very special grandma to me. We instantly bonded and I was fortunate to have her as an intricate part of my life. She was everything family should be and my children were her world. She and I had very similar souls, something that I desperately needed in my life. I knew that I could count on her for anything and she knew that I was there for her. I was, and am, so very grateful that my children were such an integral part of her life and she in theirs'. The love just poured forth.

When we lost her, we lost ourselves. It's been three years and we take her memories wherever we go. Yesterday, I spoke of our amazing trip to Israel. It was more than we ever dreamed. My youngest, Jacob, was Bar Mitzvah at Masada. This was a dream of my mothers'. I had no real connection to the event as we had already had his Bar Mitzvah at home with family and friends. But as usual, mothers know best, and I was blown away with the emotions and importance of the event. In fact, I could barely contain my emotions. Masada turned out to be a barren, desolate plateau, high atop a mountain. There wasn't a plant or tree to be seen. The temperature was 113 degrees. It felt like we were so close to G-d.

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Since Momma had been at my older son's Bar Mitzvah and she had just passed away, we were feeling the lack of her presence especially hard at the time. As Jacob read from the Torah, 2 beautiful iridescent black birds perched themselves on the wall behind him and sang a beautiful song. It was like a mirage! They stayed there for the entire ceremony. I knew that Momma was there and it gave me the most wonderful, soothing feeling.

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Birds continue to play a role in my "staying connected". Whether it is with nature or with memories, they just give me such pleasure. In fact, the other day, as I was deep in contemplation and sitting at a large, busy intersection at a red light, a bird suddenly perched itself on my sideview mirror! I have never seen a bird fly up to a car, in traffic, and sit down! I couldn't believe my eyes!. There it was, 1 foot away from my face! The light changed to green and I had no choice but to proceed. The bird stayed there for 5 minutes, until I could pull into a parking lot. Then it gently flew away. How's that for a signal?! :)


apples said...

thank you for sharing this.

Candace said...

What a wonderful story to share with us all. As long as you you carry your loved ones in your heart and soul..they are never far away.

Lisa Stone said...

Thank goodness for that.

SweetAmbs said...

What a great story!! Very inspirational.

SugarBelle's said...

Aha! Now I see. This is wonderful!