Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jakey's Going to High School

Jake's New BIG School

I started the day with an orientation to Jake's new school. I've been through this with Josh, so I am already comfortable with the High's my baby going to High School that I am NOT comfortable with ;[

I guess you really can't stop the clock from ticking.

As far as baking, I'm a little confused. I spent some time baking a delicious Pumpkin Spice cake, crumbling it (felt weird!) and combining it with cream cheese, pumpkin frosting. I dipped them in white chocolate and was soooo excited to taste these amazing treats that everyone raves about. I thought that the combination was great.

Ehhh. I don't get all of the hype! They were ok, but nothing to write home about. Is it me? Or is it everyone else? To be honest, I love the cake and the frosting that I made from scratch. It is the "chocolate" melts that I don't like the flavor of. And the cake/frosting mixture is weird to me. Any comments to change my mind?


jennifer said...

that sounds incredible!

Andrew's Mom said...

It's not the taste -- everyone thinks they are so "cute". I think kids think they are fun. I myself HATE canned frosting - I'll doctor up a cake mix sometimes - but canned frosting - yuck. I would make them for a kids or young people's party - but not for adults - they are too sweet -- they are for looks.

Lisa Stone said...

Hi Jennifer! How is everything? Hope your summer was great.

Andrew's Mom - I'm glad someone agrees! And yes, they are adorable. Maybe I'll try another flavor combination. It's the chocolate coating that I don't like.