Monday, September 7, 2009

I Made Cinnamon Buns!

I have to be honest, I haven't felt like writing this past week. I usually LOVE to write. I could write all day, but with Josh leaving, Jake getting ready to go to high school and Ira off to a new job, I have felt kind of melancholy. I write when I need to get things out and my mood was to keep things in.

I baked. I wanted to feel like I was accomplishing something. My goal, now that I am home alone, is to start getting out and finding customers, but I need to add some new Autumn flavored choices to my shop, so I took the time to research and try some new recipes. That is my favorite part! It takes longer than you think to come up with the perfect combinations of ingredients, techniques, cooking times, and packaging!


I have a potential customer who wants to stock her sweet shop with some of my goods {YEAH!} and so I am working on Fall type items that travel well and will keep well. Oh - they have to taste amazing!

For some reason, I kept thinking that cinnamon buns would be a good product, so never having made them before, I began my research. I tried quite a few recipes and techniques until I had, what I consider, the perfect product. I wouldn't stop until I had a light, fluffy, cinnamony, gooey bun. I present you with Sin-A-Buns!


Don't forget that you can have your own with a click of a button at The Cookie Jar. I dare you to stop at one!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I Bought Myself a Gift

I love organic, handmade jewelry. There is something about the unique style that makes me feel like it was made just for me. It seems to have a soul. And I am always all about soul.

Jewelry By Natsuko

I don't buy very much for myself, but once a year, for my birthday, I buy myself a piece of jewelry that I absolutely love. This year, I bought the prettiest little poppy charm from Jewelry By Natsuko on Etsy. Her work is so beautiful that I just had to have a piece! I am loving the depth of glass enamel and the variations of color that she achieves as she carefully applies layer after layer of crushed powdered glass to hand sawn copper discs. The coated metal is then fired to melt the powder into a smooth sheet of glass. It is an amazing process.


Please stop by her shop to view her beautiful work. You won't be sorry!