Friday, October 16, 2009

What Do You Think?

Well, things have certainly changed quite a bit in my life in the past month and a half. My husband, who has worked from home for 4 years was forced to go back to work at a corporation. He leaves before I get up and returns between 8:30 and 10:00. My oldest went back to college and my youngest began high school. He plays football and comes home around 6:00.

There was a time when that sounded like a dream - oh to have time to myself... But having too much time puts a pit in my stomach. Hubby just went on a business trip across the country and he was gone for 4 days. I have had too much quiet time. Being an eternal thinker, quiet time can be dangerous for me. I have been contemplating "what to do with the rest of my life" for too long, now, and it is getting the better of me. I have felt happy, but "unwhole" for such a long time. It is all I ever think of. I know what I wish for, and I believe in dreams. I believe in making your dreams come true... I just don't know how to make that happen. I am not a go getter, but I have talents that I know have value. I just don't know how to sell myself. I'm not sure if I even have that desire. That is scary. My comfort level is in doing my craft, but not in the selling of it. I find amazing enthusiasm in being around others who share my passions. I'm just no good at being a one woman team.

One of the decisions that I have come to terms with is that I would love to work with other creative people. My energy swells. But with no degrees in anything that I ended up liking to do, I can't even send in my resume to the lowest level jobs. That is taking away my empowerment. I would love to work as a baker's assistant. A baker would be lucky to have me assist, but all of the help wanteds require years of experience as well as degrees. I don't even have retail experience. I could not even land a counter help job! What do I do?

If anyone knows of someone who is looking for a business partner for a home based baking business, jewelry business, knitting business, or any kind of crafting, please send them my way. I just want a partner. I need someone who I can bounce ideas and energy off of, and someone who is able to sell and create buzz. I'll create product 24 hours a day.

And another thing. I can't seem to decide if it is alright to be myself on my blog, or keep it strictly business. I'm a talker and a worrier, and I tend to write when I am upset. I just don't want to give the wrong impression.


Karen said...

Lisa, What do I think? Well, I think this is one brave post. You have put yourself out there for all to see and none of what you described is easy stuff. I hesitated leaving a comment since we don't even know each other and I live clear across the country. What could I possibly say that would be of help? I thought to myself, I can at least tell you that I totally understand what you are going thru on the home front and I wish you well in your business as the baking goods look fantastic and the jewelry is beautiful. Karen

Kerri said...

Personal is always good, that's why people read blogs. You don't have to tell us everything but it would be a shame not to be yourself on your own blog :)

Lisa Stone said...

Thanks for your words. Wisdom is a powerful thing.