Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Poem By My Mom

When my first son was born, my mom wrote this most beautiful poem for him. I hold it especially close to my heart. Joshua is now a Sophomore in college.

Mom was an 8th grade English teacher for 35 years. She loved her job more than most. I don't think I ever once heard her say a negative thing about work. When I went away to college, she says that she filled the void and dealt with her emotions by writing some of the most wonderful childrens' poetry. She says that it all came pouring out! I figure there are probably 40 or 50. And then she was done. Nothing came. I have asked her to pen a few here or there, but nothing seemed to strike a chord...proof that you can't force creativity.

The best part of having a teacher grandma who writes poetry and is retired, is that she can come in to your classes and read them. We have so many fun memories of her sitting in those tiny little chairs with the little ones all gathered around. Joshua, and later Jacob, would enjoy many years of feeling special as Mia read her poems and their friends laughed out loud (many of the poems are very silly ;)), while mom (me) would try to hide the tears. Great memories. I'm sharing Joshua's poem. Enjoy.

Dream Sweetly, Love

Still, sleep awhile,
My life's delight.
For thee alone
God made the night.

Sweet babe, let slumber,
Soft and mild
Hover o'er
Thy mother's child.

Be silent, love,
In peace, at rest.
Dream sweetly of
Thy mother's breast.

Of little lambs,
Of golden suns,
Dream sweetly, love,
My sleepy one.

Donna W. Paskin