Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Cookies

Stuffy head - sniffling, sneezing! Winter is so over rated. I'm dreaming of the spring. I just can't help it. I was meant to live in a warmer climate ;)

Instead, I'll go bake. I just got an order for my "love" cookies. They are so soft and warm looking. I can make them in this soft pink or vibrant colors. Any word can be inserted as well, so use your imagination! How about purple and orange hearts with your child's name added for their birthday party favors? Or the word "hope" for someone who needs to be reminded to be strong. A wedding date would look beautiful printed on a white on white cookie with a hint of the bridesmaids' color added in the center of the dots.


Kathleen said...

I love how you decorated these cookies! I wish I could write like that with icing!

Lisa Stone said...

Thanks! I"m just starting this particular adventure, so check back to see more of my work! Thanks for stopping by.