Friday, March 5, 2010

Another Chapter Begins - Decorating Sugar Cookies

I had an idea. Most of the blogs that you read are by talented people who are already accomplished at what they do. I mean, who wants to post pictures of things that are not perfect?! That is how we think - us creative people. Well, I've decided that I want to keep a running log of my progress while learning this amazing craft of decorating sugar cookies.

The truth is that I decided 6 months ago that I wanted to add this technique to my baking skills - be what they may. I was so drawn to the art that I set out to learn everything I could. I read everything in site and scoured the internet, reading and re-reading until I felt like I had a grasp of the process...and there are quite a few!

And then I felt like I froze in my tracks! Having never even held a pastry bag, and absolutely dreading the thought of dealing with rolling dough and cleaning up the mess, I found myself avoiding the kitchen. I felt like it was all too overwhelming to even try! There are sooo many steps and soooo much preparation. I couldn't step over that threshold and that is soooooo unlike me. Usually, when it comes to creating, I eagerly dive in. Nothing gets in my way.

I sat on this whole thing for months. At the same time, I kept searching out exposure to this craft. One day, I had a request for some duck cookies. I was so excited because I finally HAD to face my fears! I baked my cookies and mixed my icings. I reluctantly set up my pastry bags and then something happened. All of a sudden, I felt empowered! I found that I could actually outline these shapes without them looking like 3 year old did them! From that moment on, the process just "flowed" pardon the pun ;)

And that is how it began. I want to make it very clear that I am just a beginner in this journey. I am humble and only want to share my ideas and the process of learning. There are some of the most talented artists out there and I aspire to do half what they do...Callye. So come along with me. Learn a little, share a little and please, please, please converse with me! I want to learn from you as well!

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