Friday, March 12, 2010

Brilliant Find!

A few weeks ago, my husband bought an immersion blender. It seemed like a fun sort of tool. I love to make soup and this tool is great for thickening up the soup. It went under the counter in a cabinet and never came out. Isn't that the way of most gadgets?!

The other day, I was mixing some different colors of royal icing with my spatula and daydreaming about wishing I had a had mixer for the job when I realized that I did! And it was actually BETTER than a hand mixer! The immersion blender has an attachment beater and it works beautifully for this job!

Using this blender enables me to have even better control of color mixing. No more streaks! And I can create just the right icing consistency with ease. Please just remember to let the icing sit for 20 minutes so that the bubbles rise to the surface. Gently bang the base of the container on the counter. I find that this helps the bubbles rise even quicker. Then, run a knife through the mixture. Now the icing is ready to use.


Marian (Sweetopia) said...

What a super tip! I love it!

Lisa Stone said...

Wow! What an honor that you stopped by!

Whimsical Cake Studio said...

what a great idea! So simple too! Thanks for the icing tip!

Alison said...

omg! I was just sitting here talking to my husband the other day about how I wish I had some sort of mixer to mix my icing (I am getting carpal tunnel here)....Great minds think alike! I am going to ask for one for my birthday! :)

Lisa Stone said...


This tool works well when you are making small amounts of icing. In my experience, though, I have since found that hand mixing, when adding color, is the only way to get a good result. And be sure to let the container stand, covered, to let the bubbles rise to the surface. 15 minutes is good. Then swirl with a knife to pop them!