Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Has Arrived!

Oh happy day! The other day I noticed a pair of doves sitting in the evergreen tree that is just outside the window where I sit in my den. It was so excited to see them up close and their song is pretty. I was sad to see them fly away.

When I sat down, today, I saw what looked like the beginning of a nest in the same tree! Could it be?! A moment later, the two love birds landed on a branch and the little lady placed herself gracefully in her nest!

It is such a present to be able to see these birds up close like this! I am hoping that this is where they will hatch their chicks. I've never seen Mourning Doves in anything more than pairs. I'll have to look up info about their young. I do know that these birds don't go anywhere without each other and he perches himself on the outer branches and is so aware of everything.

I do hope that they make this tree their summer home!

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Ianny said...

It is quite exciting indeed to have birds visiting your home... even if they are only common sparrows.

Hang a couple huge photography of wild birds in your living area. I guarantee you, they add cheer and life to the home ambiance.