Thursday, April 22, 2010

Summer Fruits On My Mind

What a glorious day it is today! It has been wavering between spring and fall type weather here and I was beginning to lose my patience! Today is definitely SPRING!

One of my favorite things to do when baking, is to incorporate fresh, in season, fruits. Local fruits are not quite ready on Long Island, but the minute they are, I scoop them up. It is really important to me. The feeling I get from baking like this is like no other. Oh so domestic ;) Strawberries are just around the corner!!!

Anyway...I am itching to do some fresh fruit baking and so I was thinking of baking my delicious sugar cookie recipe, which always has freshly grated orange zest and freshly squeezed orange juice in it, and instead of using it for cut out cookies, I will ice it with flavored royal icing. Yum! I am thinking of trying fresh oranges as my first choice. I have to get eggs (wish I had a hen!) and then I'll report back tomorrow with some pictures.

Meanwhile, check for these in my Etsy shop. I'll be adding them as a listing, as well as some lime meltaways, and other fresh fruit varieties. I'll be experimenting today!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cowboy Cookies! Yeehaw!

I wanted to wish a very happy birthday to a special little boy named David. He is very special to his grandma who ordered a set of cowboy cookies for his 3rd birthday party.

When I heard that I was going to be making this theme, I was so excited! After a long rush on crosses, doves and angels, I finally get to test my creativity and new found skills of cookie cutter making! I will be making a tutorial of this in the near future, so please check back and see how to make your own cutters!

After creating the shapes that my customer requested, I got to work on the design. I am so excited with the results! I have to say ;) Can I do that?! My customer asked for a saddle and a cowboy hat. For a third design, I suggested a gun and holster after seeing the invitation. To finish off the set, I decided upon a horse for the birthday boy! I hope you all like!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Baptism Season

Every time I get myself all geared up to blog more often, one thing or another gets in the way! I'm tired of saying "I'm sorry" so I won't. I'll just pop in here when I can and accept that that is how it is!

I have been busy, busy, busy! And I LOVE that I can say that :) I have had so many orders for Baptism cookies that I stopped showing pictures! They are all variations of the same cookie with pink or blue themes. I love how they looked all wrapped up with pretty bows.

I would like to take the time to share some of my feedback. My customers have been so supportive and I am so grateful for their positive words. I hope that you all feel as good about my products as I do when you read these comments:

" Engeline Victoria - hey lisa! thank you!.. i can't wait til the guests see and taste the cookies.. keep baking and designing those cookies... twas a pleasure working with you Lisa =)"

"The cookies were great! In my experience a beautiful cookie doesn't always taste good. But these were beautiful and delicious!" kudos..."


"carlabelniak says: Oh what a success the cookies were! The children were thrilled and the adults....well they ate more than their share. the little one who had her tonsils out was so excited. Thanks so much for rushing them. Will definitely order again. Carla"

Tomorrow, I'll address the reason I posted all of these comments!