Saturday, February 12, 2011

Whew! A Week In Review! Kate Landers and HGTV in ONE Week!

Ok. So I started this blog and then abruptly disappeared! Unfortunately, that is how it is going to be. I knew when I decided to blog again that I would have a hard time finding the time. But, I knew that it was important to me to have a place to communicate with everyone. So, while I was working, I came up with the idea of doing a "week in review" type of post.

This week was my most challenging week to date! And the most rewarding as well. We are so busy that we have decided to expand. Having your own business is scary enough, but bringing on new people to take over what you have had full control of and have nurtured exclusively, is a BIG step! We have been talking about this for a long time, but we have continued to push the limits alone. The time has come and we are very excited to begin the process of looking for a baker's assistant. I am ecstatic about the prospects!

FaceBook has been very, very good to us! It blows my mind, but we have blown right by 1000 fans! I was planning on celebrating the 1000th fan, but I missed it! I will be announcing the winner of a dozen free cookies to that person. Check for the winner on our FaceBook fanpage.

{photo by Lyndsey Fagerlund}

We also had another VERY exciting event take place! My cookies were featured on HGTV's website!!! And our shop was even linked! Amazing. The wonderful Kara of Kara's Party Ideas styled the most adorable gumball party for the article. You just have to stop by her blog and take a look at her amazing work! There are more party ideas than you can even imagine. Thank you soooooo much for including our gumball machine cookie! They just belonged there!

{photo by Lyndsey Fagerlund}

And did I mention that I was spotlighted in Kate Lander's blog? I can't even imagine! This is something that I am so very proud of. Kate has been a wonderful, supportive friend and is an inspiration to all. She is the consummate professional and is highly respected in this incredible field of "party". We have collaborated on two amazing photo shoots, The Wizard of Oz and and I am aching to share the next bit of news with you all...but you guessed it...I can't YET! I'm trying to be patient ;) Thanks, Kate, for this incredible journey :)

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Well, I've tooted my own horn enough! It doesn't come very easy to me to be in the spotlight. I am more comfortable on the sidelines. But as our business is growing and our accomplishments mount, well, hey, I could get used to this! It feels awesome and who doesn't love feeling proud ?

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to say hello!


Lisa Stone said...
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Martha Wanna Be said...

You deserve it. You are so amazing. And the best part is that I feel that you are only making cookies for me! That one on one connection is what I adore about you and Ira!!! Congrats!