Saturday, August 20, 2011

Just Popping In

I really do exist! I do!

Funny story...just when you think that you have had it up to your eyeballs, an amazing person comes along and goes wayyyyyy above and beyond.

Let me back up just a tiny bit. Working the amount of hours (ok ~ sleeping as little as we do) can leave you feeling like you are the only one out there putting in the effort that we do. I LOVE what I do, but I sometimes wonder how I can be this dedicated. So many people go to work and come home. And that's it. I get very frustrated with that. Ask my family.

Shipping is very time consuming. It is a necessary evil to our business though, so Ira tirelessly works his magic. He is a saint and I love him dearly for the hours upon hours that he dedicates to getting all of your cookies to you safe and sound and on time. Once in awhile, they don't. I hate those times. we have worked many hours to create those cookies and a little one is usually standing by the door waiting with baited breath (not to mention all the mommies as well). Today, we found out that Fed Ex made a mistake. They sent out the cookies to the wrong place. How can this happen?! Actually, I always wonder how they can even get through all of the steps and still be delivered! Anyway, Ira got on the phone, like usual. He happened to come across a wonderful young man who cares about his job. He was just getting off of work and picked up the phone one more time. Little did he know...! Turns out that he offered to go get the package and hand deliver it to that little two year old who was waiting by the front door with baited breath! He called us to tell us of his success and I don't know who was more excited! You could actually hear it in his voice.

He will be receiving a package of cookies for his kindness. We asked what sports he liked and he said he would choose flowers for his wife. What a selfless person. It really renewed my faith. Ira and I needed this today and we are more than grateful to you Dan...even if you are a Braves fan ;)

Sweet Thoughts,