Monday, April 1, 2013


I have been telling Lisa for months that we need to have a blog.  Its a great way to stay in touch with our loyal cookie cravers and make some new ones.  So I spent the last few days doing some research and began setting up a blog.   I started playing with some templates and after about 10 straight hours of messing around came up with a pretty decent starting point.  I excitedly called her into my office to show her what I had created.  She looked at the screen and then looked me in the eye and said "you know I already have a blog.  I just don't have the time to update it."  It was at that moment when I realized that I must truly love this woman because if I didn't I would have killed her, chopped her into small pieces and run her through a wood chipper ... twice.  So having sacrificed 10 hours of my life that I will never get back and wasting 2 more stewing and plotting my wife's demise I decided to move on because the thought of never having one of her chocolate chocolate chip cookies again was just too much to bear.  If you have ever had one you would know what I mean. 

So with that in mind I think my first blog post ever will be dedicated to my wife's delicious cookies.  Now I know you're all saying we know her cookies are delicious that's why we keep coming back..duh. While I agree that her iced sugar cookies are very tasty and oh so cute it is not those cookies that I am referring to.  It is these bad boys that keep me coming back for more and that has saved me from a lengthy prison sentence on more than one occasion:

I can't describe the feeling that I get when I open the door and smell these delicious confectionery marvels in the oven.  Its like wrapping yourself in a warm chocolate scented blanket fresh from the dryer.   She likes to spice them up a bit from time to time adding fresh cherries, white chocolate chips, peanut butter, macadamia nuts etc. but I am a purist.  I just love the chocolate chocolate chip cookies.  She started making these for me 20 years ago because I was hooked on Grandma's Chocolate Fudge Chip Cookies.  I used to buy them in 7/11, two to a pack, and wash them down with a chocolate Nestle's Quick.  Then 7/11 stopped carrying them.  After a week she found me curled up in a ball in my office quivering going through withdrawal.  I admitted to her that I was a junkie and she became my new dealer. 
These cookies gave birth to an empire.  She quickly added others like these amazing chocolate peanut butter bars:

and these chocolate chip and their Hawaiian cousins the macadamia chocolate chip:
After nearly 25 years of marriage all I need to do is catch a whiff of these mouthwatering morsels baking in the ovens and I fall in love all over again. 
So, to keep my marriage strong and to ensure Lisa's well being order a few dozen of these delicious treats.  You can always throw them on a baking pan, pop them in the oven at a low temp and warm them until they fill the whole house with that fresh baked smell.  Serve them hot and gooey to your significant other with a nice cold glass of milk (or Nestles Quick) and who knows, it may just save your relationship...or your life.
Stayed tuned for more posts.  I will be writing at least weekly to share any new designs or cute cookie sets that we did for the week and sometimes just to share some fun news or facts. I have never blogged before and welcome any and all suggestions as to how to make this site more enjoyable and informative so feel free to share your thoughts and opinions..
All of these cookies, and others, are available in our ETSY shop. 

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